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A Guide to Understanding Daniel 12

Adventist believers are known for their strong element towards having Biblical knowledge regarding end times and the second coming of Jesus. The biblical book of Daniel has been of major interest to Seventh-day Adventists. As narrated in Daniel 12, trouble was witnessed like never before during these times and the chapter starts with Michael (Jesus our advocate) standing up. We’ve wrapped up a few details that can help you understand Daniel 12 more.

Daniel 12 is talking about the end times and according to the script, it has three timeframes, (Time, 1260 days), Times(1290 days), and Half a Time(1335 days). To have a detailed understanding of this passage linked with our time history, knowledge of the Aramaic and Hebrews in languages used in the script and configuration of the passage is essential. Bible study professionals and students have over the years come to interpret this prophecy as a tool map with which to acknowledge our relationship to the Second Coming and accepting Christ in our lives. This website contains research that has been done for the past ten years and plus and it will help readers understand more on the sermon Daniel 12.

Topics such as Jesus our High Priest, the Book of Daniel chapters 2,7,9,12, the resurrection, Mark of the Beast, have captured the attention of many and we hope that the study of this content will ignite your fondness for Christ.

The Bible is not meant to be complex as many people put it. The chronology, “Time, Times and Half a Time” is found in Daniel 12:7 and originates from the Hebrew term mow-ed which implies “arranged time(s)”. This is contrary to the particular phrase found in Daniel 7.25 which is jotted in Aramaic and it means “regular time.” As you go through the study displayed in this web page, you will see the notable differences in these two phrases and this will clear your confusion of these two timescales in the book of Daniel 12.

Through Him dying on the cross, Jesus fulfilled the Appointed Times or Spring Feasts. It is on those feast seasons the final Day of Atonement, the Second Coming on a Feats of Tabernacles that the Appointed Times will be fulfilled. One thing about the ceaselessness of Daniel 12 is that it matches that of the Appointed Times of Israel’s Chart. Pastor Bryson has a written sermon program on Daniel 12 titled The Pink Elephant Standing in the Middle of Bible Prophecy. Ensure you download it as it contains Daniel’s final content to Earth’s final lineage.

You can use the book of Daniel 12 as a guide for Christ’s last-day generation so that you get enlightened more and get drowned close to Him. We advise readers to go through the booklet written with a transparent mind so that they get a full understanding of the concept. We are living in end times so it’s best that we all get drawn near to God and understanding His word is the first step to achieving this. You can also click this link to watch YouTube Videos bout Daniel 12 episodes.

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